31st Star


31st Star Field Trip Tour
Available year-round

Ideal for 4th grade classes learning the history of their home state, the 31st Star Field Trip Tour highlights the major events in California’s transition from a Mexican territory to becoming the thirty-first star on the U.S. flag, including the Bear Flag Revolt and California Republic.

Includes pre- and post-visit curriculum and 25-minute docent-led classroom program on California’s journey to U.S. statehood, followed by completion of an activity sheet on a self-guided tour of current exhibits, plus a Bear Flag Kit for each student to assemble back in the classroom. Aligned with 3rd-5th grade History-Social Science and Common Core ELA.



$6.00 each*       


$6.00 each*




Tuesday – Friday year round     

9:00 am – 3:00 pm                


By email request only


For questions or assistance, contact reservations@californiamuseum.org or (916) 654-1729.

*To receive discounted admission, reservations for a minimum of 30 paid participants are required and must be made a minimum of 7 days in advance. Groups with less than 30 participants subject to $180.00 flat rate. For details, visit Reservation Policies.